Get Back Up             By: Michael Keeth

You've lost hours of time to the tv screen

without really seeing anything, and your friends keep calling

Well you tried to confess your sins to your diary

but for some reason, your pen keeps stalling

and you wonder if its ever gonna end

well you came down so hard, you're not sure you'll be coming back again


Upside down, cause you lost your love

Inside out, I'll be the one to help you get back up


You went all in, cause that's what you do

Never saving anything, cause you never plan to lose

But now she's gone, and she took your world away

and you're looking like you might not make it through another day


Don't Let it change you, Don't let it win

Just heal your heart and come back stronger than you've ever been



People Change         by: Michael Keeth

Love yourself so much, but you never see things through

You got here in such a rush, and now you don't know what to do

In this place with all these doors, there's no direction anymore

To look these faces in the eyes, figure out what's truth and what are lies

Is it you or is it me- responsible for coming down

If we don't eat this drug again, we'll lose this lifeline and we'll drown


People change, but I still stay the same

Just a faceless man, begging to buy a name

People change, but I still stay the same

Just a folded card begging to stay in the game


Analyze your will, but still you can't control

all the compromising other wills are just what makes it whole

Hold on fast, your heart might lie, a shattered ego falls to side

the ground is splitting for you, keep your mind

at this test , which you define- you put your ass out on the line

the chasm is your fear, make your move and fall or choose to fly


First Time For Everything           by Michael Keeth

The world moves on, even if you're standing still

If you don't decide your path, life will

Don't be afraid, just do the best you can with what you've got

and don't look down, a little faith can get you through a lot


There's a first time for everything

You'll never know unless you jump out and see


There's no room for shame, because you're learning as you go

If you turn the wrong way, the next time you will know

But don't you wait, don't you think yourself to death

about what's done or might have been

Just gain some speed and dive right in


Crazy Life                    by: Michael Keeth

My friend, we have seen our share of pain

My friend, you and I are just the same

My friend, it won't help anyone to blame

My friend, no, it won't change a thing


We live a crazy life

through the twists, turns and drops of this roller coaster ride

I've always been by your side, and as our tracks divide, it's time to say goodbye

Go your way, and i'll go mine


This place is not our home

This place i just a battle ground to make us strong

This place can feel so wrong

This place is just a test we have to pass 

to keep moving on with this Crazy Life


Time Don't Bring you Closer         by: Michael Keeth

I think I dreamed to far ahead

Cause I can't keep my feet in check

I just can't find the right steps

Or are my shoes just full of lead


Time Don't bring you closer to the things you want

you're only closer to the end

I always said that I did better under pressure

It's one of many things I never should have said


I am small against the sky

Just an ordinary guy

well I never really took the time

to love the moments as much as the life


Don't Even Have to Try                  by: Michael Keeth

Damn you're beautiful, can't you see?

You're the only one I want next to me


It's been a long hard road, and you're still worth the fight

and no matter what comes our way

I'll be standing by your side


Baby we don't even have to try

We can talk all night or we can laugh until we cry

We can dance or make love, our time together is never enough

'cause baby we don't even had to try


When I lose track of time, you keep the beat

When I don't know what I want, you show me what I need


Who Says           by:Michael Keeth                   

May is getting closer to reality

Time has changed my gaze to something new

Reluctance fades away into the challenge

Of being who I need to be for you


who decides the fate of me, its getting late

and all my fears are lying next to me

now I'm scared in this, so unprepared

I miss my days of reckless glory, no regrets


Who says, who says, are you the one with all the answers

These days, these days, life is showing me what really matters


In the mirror, the face i see has changed, i see a man

A twisting in my lifeline , has left me wishing that I has a plan


U Turn         by: Michael Keeth

Sometimes I wish the world would slow down

Just long enough for me to look around

Feels like I'm driving through the days so fast

that I ain't even touching the ground


I went too far can you let me over

I gotta get back and really show her

The kind of love she deserves

I gotta get over

I need to make a U turn


When things get tough, I just want to run

'cause every minute is spent like I'm under the gun

too much work and no playing, is just no fun

But I'm gonna get back to the man I was

I'm gonna show her that she's my only one


I went too far, can you let me over

I gotta get back and really show her

My grid-locked heart made me swerve

I gotta get over, I need to make a U turn


Midnight            by:Michael Keeth

driving now, not saying a word

what are we doing here, is this right?

I know when tonight is done, I can't see you again

I know when tonight is done, we'll go back to being friends

Pull up to a secret place, moon shining through to illuminate your face

Kiss me once, I always loved the chase

Kiss me once, I need your taste


Open the door, escape to midnight

A time when the moon makes everything seem right

A calm falls over Lovers, cradled in their arms

and promise to keep each other safe, from forever on


The Night is crazy, blue waves crashing above

First light overtakes it, the night is never long enough

I wish I could stop time right here, right now

Leave real life behind, oh to never come down


Set Yourself Free      by:Michael Keeth

When I think of you

I still see that clean cut, bright eyed boy you used to be

Long before this big, bad world made you see things so differently

There was coffee and cigarettes on a friday night

Girls way out of our league, we were just trying to get it right

we were small town boys, searching for a bigger life


but time has gotten on, and we drifted apart

and little brother- I want you to know

I still remember who you really are


You and I, we came from different worlds

But we traveled on the same roads

And no matter how twisted life can get

There's always somewhere safe you can go


And when I hear it from a friend, that you're falling down

Little Brother- I want you to know, I'm still around


When times get dark, I want you to lose yourself in a memory

When times get dark, I want you to close your eyes

and set yourself free